Jacky Green’s artwork has quickly caught the eye of people down South, and his first exhibition ‘Flow of Voices, Paintings from the Gulf of Carpentaria’ is opening on the 14th February at Arena Project Space, Melbourne. His paintings tell the story of the local country and the changes since the mining operations started. He is also speaking at the Sustainably Festival in Melbourne in a Homelands session on the 17th February. His exhibition is supported by Waralungku Arts and Professor Jon Altman & Dr Sean Kerins, from the Centre for Aboriginal Economic and Policy Research, at the Australian National University, whose recent publication ‘People on Country, Vital Landscapes, Indigenous Futures’ features stories of the Borroloola Region (copies of this publication are available at Waralungku Arts).

"I started painting so I can get my voice out. I want to show people what is happening to our country and to us as Aboriginal people. We are once again being swept aside. No one is listening to us. What we want. How we want to live. What we want in the future for our children. It’s for these reasons that I started to paint. I want government to listen to Aboriginal people. I want you people in the cities to know what’s happening to us and our country. You can see from my paintings things aren’t good." says Jacky Green.