124-22 – Gathering Bush Tucker Plants – some are powerful. – Isobelle Noble



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Artist: Isobelle Noble

Gathering Bush Tucker Plants – some are powerful. – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 61 x 61 cm

Our country has many plants that you can get bush tucker from. Wild plums, wild currants, bush potato, yam and bush banana, also Pandanus nuts and water lily seed….many more as well.

The knowledge of where to find these foods and what time of the year to gather them is passed on through our families, as we take our kids out bush each year to hunt for them.

Some plants are powerful and we have to teach our kids to treat them with care – wild green plums hold power. If you eat them, you have to place the seed gently on the ground when you have finished eating the flesh. If you throw the seed on the ground carelessly you can cause a big violent thunder storm to start.

If someone does this without care, only the most powerful elder in the community can try to stop the storm form coming. 

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