247-19-18/20 – Aeroplane Dance – Myra Rory



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Artist: Myra Rory

Aeroplane Dance – 2019

Printmaking – – 56x38cm

On December 1942 during world war 2, a United States bomber named Little Eva, experienced difficulty during a tropical storm and went down.The bomber went down at a place called moonlight creek in the Gulf of Carpentaria, north Australia.The US bomber had 5 airmen on board who survived the crash and were now missing.The news reached Aboriginal communities in the gulf region,search bagan for the missing airmen and along with search party’s were yanyuwa people from Borroloola.After few months searching, there was one survivor whom the yanyuwa people rescued.The yanyuwa people of Borroloola wanted to record this event that happened, so they created a spectacular dance now known as the “Aeroplane Dance”.

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