303-21 – Our Rivers, Our Life – Katrina McKinnon



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Artist: Katrina McKinnon

Our Rivers, Our Life – 2021

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 40 x 40 cm (pre-stretched)

This country where we have lived for thousands of years is called ‘The Big Rivers Region’ in English. This is because there are so many rivers and streams running all through these lands. Some turn to dust during the dry season, but many do not and continue to be vital food sources for all peoples in our lands.

Fishing in these rivers has always been and continues to be one of the most important healthy food sources for us – fresh water shark, turtle, crayfish, Barramundi and many others are how we have always fed our families.

In more recent years there have sometimes been pollution from mining in some of our rivers, which really worries us, as the food turns bad and we get sick. The rivers are a big part our life and we need everyone to respect them and keep them clean. We depend on them and always have.

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