357-22 – Keeping Culture Strong through Song and Dance – Josephine Davey



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Artist: Josephine Davey

Keeping Culture Strong through Song and Dance – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 40 x 40 cm (pre-stretched)

Cultural song and dance continues to be at the forefront of cultural maintenance in the Gulf Country. Every year the Mallandari Festival takes place and people from all four clan groups come together to celebrate culture through song and dance.

Yanyuwa and Marra are saltwater or coastal people, Gudanji and Garrwa are freshwater or mainland people – each clan has their own dances and songs which are all performed  on this special occasion.

Each tribal group also has its own unique colours for costumes and patterns for body paint. Natural ochres from the earth are gathered for body paint, and the women prepare the costumes, often sitting in groups under shady trees. 


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