368-22 – Water and Sand Goanna Dreaming – Annie Roberts



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Artist: Annie Roberts

Water and Sand Goanna Dreaming – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 91 x 51 cm

Back in the Dreamtime the Water and Sand Goanna were both plain black.

They wanted to be more colourful so they agreed to paint patterns on each other with the natural ochres found on their country.

The Water Goanna went first and painted beautiful yellow spots on  the Sand Goanna – he was pleased.

The Sand Goanna then tried to paint the Water Goanna, but he didn’t do a very good job and the Water Goanna became ashamed and hid.

To this day the Sand Goanna will proudly hold his ground and show himself to people, whereas the embarrassed Water Goanna will run away and hide. 



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