396-22 – Li-maranja – Hunters of the Sea – Joni Wilson Pyro



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Artist: Joni Wilson Pyro

Li-maranja – Hunters of the Sea – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 91 x 122 cm

The olden days the dugong hunters (Li-maranja) always knew where to go to catch dugongs (Walya) and sea turtles (Wundunyuka) they headed straight to that place where the seagrass grew and  that’s were the feeding place for the dugong and sea turtle are. The li-maranja sometimes go hunting at night when it is too hot in the daytime. They looked to the stars to guide them after catching the mammals to journey back home.

Dugong are sacred animals, and therefore only certain tribesmen have the sacred rights to hunt them. In this painting Joni tells the story of her grandfather, who was a scared dugong hunter. She traces the lineage of this right and also connects it to the song lines of her people. 

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