83-23 – Like blood thirsty mosquitoes – Jack Green


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Artist: Jack Green
Like blood thirsty mosquitoes – 2023
Acrylic on Canvas – 60 x 45

On the left of the painting on the blue you can see good land. It’s never been touched by miners or frackers. All the sacred sites are there and kept safe. On the orange you can see how they took our land with their guns, riding in on horses and killing our people with their bullets. ‘Clearing the land’, they say for their cattle. We tried to fight back.

The river runs through the land. This is McArthur River. It’s given us life for thousands of years. In the river and all around are sacred sites. They are powerful places that give us life and we have to care for them, protect them as our old people have done.

The man in the blue trousers is the welfare man. In the past when they pushed us off our land and rounded us up like cattle government welfare people came in giving out food trying to quieten the people down. The welfare man is just like the government men today who come with the miners and frackers, they got a few bits and pieces to chuck around to the people to quieten them down while they let in the mining and fracking companies who race in with all their equipment clearing the land and pushing us out.

In the top right of the painting is what looks like a whole lot of arrows. These represent mosquitoes. There are thousands and thousands of them coming at you to suck your blood. This is what it feels like with all the miners and frackers government are letting into our country. It never stops. From the first time they came on horses with guns shooting and killing our people and now in the mining trucks and drilling rigs one after another, like blood thirsty mosquitoes. 

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