Waralungku House Residencies

Waralungku House is a self-contained accommodation unit set among the trees on the grounds of the Waralungku Art Centre. Waralungku House was developed to accommodate artistic, scholarly and community wellbeing residencies. We welcome applications from individuals or organisations who wish to undertake projects in Borroloola that would benefit from being onsite among our artists, their families and community supporters.

  • For artists a residency onsite would typically include some type of collaboration with our artists and/or workshop opportunities for them.

  • For researchers a residency could offer the opportunity to work directly with local indigenous people in a safe, neutral setting and be supported by art centre staff.
    We do not expect that research-based residencies must be arts-related. Any project which benefits local indigenous people can be considered.

  • For organisations that contribute to community wellbeing we will also consider applications. Projects which enhance life, support culture or work towards self-determination in the local community can be considered.
    These residencies will be supported in the same way as research projects.

  • Anything else? If you believe your project is suited to Waralungku House, but sits outside the groups described; please feel free to apply as all applications will be considered.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by our Elders and staff.
Applications are invited using the attached form, to be emailed to the Waralungku Arts Manager waralungkumanager@mabunji.com.au

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