104-23 – Jargurrdugurrdu (Emu) Dreaming – Brooke Campbell


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Artist: Brooke Campbell
Jargurrdugurrdu (Emu) Dreaming – 2023
Acrylic on Canvas – 40 x 40 cm (pre-stretched)

Dreamtime story about the Emu:

The Emu laid their eggs on sacred ground where spirits were watching, but then the Ngarbya (spirits) told the Goanna to cover the eggs to keep them safe.

The Emu went crazy with worry looking for their eggs and got really angry with the Ngarbya.

The Ngarbaya fought back by making the Emu lose their wing feathers – that is why they cannot fly to this day.

They only saved one nest, and the Ngarbya omen was so strong that the baby Emu were born with no wings to fly (just like their parents).

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