150-22 – Vanderlin Island – Ngiinga – Mud Crab Dreaming (Yanyuwa) – Billy Anderson


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Artist: Billy Anderson
Vanderlin Island – Ngiinga – Mud Crab Dreaming (Yanyuwa) – 2022
Acrylic on Canvas – 91 x 51 cm

This painting shows an important Dreamtimes place for the Yanyuwa people who belong to Vanderlin Island.

The rock formation in the painting is the site of Ngiinga (Mud Crab Dreaming)

Yanyuwa people have been living on Vanderlin Island since the old days. For some Yanyuwa people, it is their country and for others their country is coastal mainland. 

Travel between the mainland and the Islands has always happened – in the very early days it was in Bark Canoes. Later when the Macassan’s began visiting to trade with the Yanyuwa and Marra people, they taught us how to carve better, stronger dugout canoes.

These dugout canoes were used up until the late 1960’s, when people began to get modern boats for travel and fishing.

Today, families still live on Vanderlin – still travelling between their island home and the mainland by boat and relying heavily on simple line and hook methods of fishing as their primary food source. 

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