379-22 – Awara (ocean) and Nyinga (mud crab) Dreaming (Yanyuwa) – Jacky Green



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Artist: Jacky Green

Awara (ocean) and Nyinga (mud crab) Dreaming (Yanyuwa) – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 30 x 30 cm (pre-stretched)

The Nyinga (mud crab) is floating among the waves. The stormy waves are bubbly and foamy and hide the crab so that it is hard for us to see.

The Nyinga is usually amongst the mud and weeds in the river, but sometimes it floats on the waves.

For Yanyuwa people it is a delicacy and a totem animal – it is the only crab species that has its own special name within culture. 


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