468-22 – ‘Dibila-Dibila’ and ‘Marringaya’ – Our Beautiful Country (Yanyuwa). – Mavis Timothy



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Artist: Mavis Timothy

‘Dibila-Dibila’ and ‘Marringaya’ – Our Beautiful Country (Yanyuwa). – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 51 x 71 cm

‘Dibila-Dibila’ and ‘Marringaya’ – these two words are two different (Yanyuwa) ways of expressing beauty.
In this painting the artist has very simply reflected the natural beauty of country and these two words reflect that expression within Yanyuwa Culture.
Much can be taken from this simple expression – something which has been important to artists all over the world for hundreds of years. A very universal feeling about appreciating the natural beauty of our world.

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