492-22 – Wanmanmara (Stingrays) around the Coral Reef (Garrwa) – Shay Pyro



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Artist: Shay Pyro

Wanmanmara (Stingrays) around the Coral Reef (Garrwa) – 2022

Paintings – Acrylic on Canvas – 40 x 40 cm (pre-stretched)

As Garrwa people we say we are mainland people, not saltwater people, but we do have saltwater country and Garrwa people were excellent hunters of dugong, stingrays and sea turtle. Not so many people know this about Garrwa people – most people know us as hunters of emu, kangaroo, goanna, freshwater turtles and echidna. Garrwa country includes the Wearyan River east of Borroloola, and parts of the Foelsche, Robinson, Calvert Rivers to just over the Queensland border, as well at Settlement Creek in the south-west Gulf of Carpentaria.

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