7-24 – ‘Jarngu jalar yurli dankar’ After the Fire – Clara Roberts-Thompson


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Artist: Clara Roberts-Thompson
‘Jarngu jalar yurli dankar’ After the Fire – 2024
Acrylic on Canvas – 60 x 60 (pre-streched)
This is the country ‘Nujbirrina’ up from Calvert Hill after the bush fire. It is a good time to hunt for ‘wardarba’ goanna and ‘waryurr’ bluetounge lizard and fo find ‘karbarla’ yams after the fire. We would light the fires at the end of the dry season before we would go to hunt. All my life I did that. We dont get many natural bush fires here, but we manage the small fires properly so there was not a big bush fire. We didnt have matches but used the ‘kunkarla’ fire stick we rub it in our hand to to spin the end that gets hot and makes fire with small grass then make make the bush fire. This has been happening from way back to our great great grandfathers and before, and we pass it on to our grandchildren. Now these days people use matches, the easy way, but they know the old way.

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