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  • Margaret

    Margaret Douglas is a Wardaman woman who grew up in her country south-west of Katherine. She is married to a local Yanyuwa man and is raising her family with her husband in Borroloola. Margaret’s work has a combination of influences – her totems and stories from Wardaman country, but also local stories that have become …

  • Joni
    Wilson Pyro

    Joni Wanmunmara Wilson is a Garrwa / Yanyuwa woman.  On her father’s side of the family she also connects to Gudanji people. As a child growing up on country Joni was very inspired by her grandfather – (the late) Milyindirri Gordon Lansen. Gordon Landsen was a founding member at Waralungku Arts and one of the …

  • Isobelle

    Isobelle is a Yanyuwa (saltwater) woman from a big family with strong culture in the Borroloola region. Isobelle is an emerging artist with a strong interest in the flora and fauna which surround her in the Gulf Country. Her depictions of animals, plants and waterways are often accompanied by symbolism relating to the changing seasons.  …

  • Dinah Norman

    Dinah Norman a-Marrngawi is a senior Yanyuwa women, belonging to the Wuyaliya clan. Her dreaming is a-Kuridi (Groper). Dinah was born in 1932 in a dugout canoe near Anthawarra on Warnarrwanarr (South West Island), as her family was travelling back from the Sir Edward Pellew Islands to Borroloola. She spent her youth travelling around the …

  • Mavis

    Mavis Timothy is an important Yanyuwa Elder in the Borroloola Community. She was born at old Malandarri camp across the other side of the McArthur river where people lived in the early days. Mavis is a Yanuwa Woman who is from the Rrumbarryia Clan who are traditional owners of Borroloola, and her knowledge of the …

  • Jack

    Jack Green was born in the early 1950s under a Coolibah tree on Soudan Station on the Barkley Tablelands, Wakaya country. He is a Mambaliya man, Garrwa on his father’s side and Marra on his mother’s side. He grew up on cattle stations, travelling with kin for ceremonies, and settled in Borroloola in the early …

  • Marlene Karkadoo (Timothy)

    Marlene Karkadoo (nee Timothy) is from The Rrumbarryia Clan group who are the traditional owners of Borroloola. Marlene’s father was a senior Yanyuwa saltwater man – a dugong hunter, and her mother was from Garrwa country over to the east of Borroloola on the Queensland border. She was born on the banks of the Robinson …

  • Katrina

    Katrina McKinnon is a prolific artist who paints in the Waralungku studio almost every day. She has a strong connection to cultural stories, but also combines this with her own contemporary interpretation of colour and composition. Katrina is both a Marra and a Yanyuwa (saltwater) woman, but also connects strongly to the rivers in the …

  • Katrianna

    Katrianna McKinnon is an emerging artist at the Waralungku studio. She has a strong connection to cultural stories, but also combines this with her own contemporary interpretation of colour and composition. Katrianna is a Marra (saltwater) woman, but also connects strongly to the mainland; often referring to mainland hunting and bush food gathering  in her …

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