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  • Colleen Charlie

    Colleen Charlie is one of the foremost artists at Waralungku Arts, with a distinctive style and subject matter that reflects her interest in both the environment and life ‘on country’. This interest comes from a strong background of both culture and rural/bush life going right back to her childhood days. Colleen was born in Burketown, …

  • Annie Taylor (McDinny)

    Annie Taylor (nee McDinny) is the foremost jewellery crafter at Waralungku Arts. She  loves to combine bush materials with contemporary settings and findings to get the very best balance of traditional culture, contemporary design and wearable quality – she spends a great deal of time ‘out bush’ gathering seeds, pods, wood, shells, bone and feathers …

  • Rhoda Hammer

    Rhoda was born at Numbulwar which is a community on coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Daughter of the prominent Marra Artist, Violet Hammer; Rhoda has also turned her attention to carrying on the legacy in recent years. She often paints bush tucker, especially fresh water and salt water foods, as fishing and collection of bush …



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